Why are we here?

An increasing number of computer scientists possess higher level degrees— education levels and expectations of these professionals have never been higher. We’re here to help current and aspiring computer scientists to compete in an increasingly difficult job market. Our services are simple:

We connect you with the best online master’s of computer science degree programs for your academic and professional goals. We have no intention or interest of pushing you toward one school or another. We do not sell or share your information to schools or third parties.

Where should you start?

Committing to a graduate degree in computer science is a major decision that should not be taken lightly— but it is good to keep in mind that employers are increasingly expecting higher levels of formal education in this field. Even firms that don’t require a formal CS degree report higher average salaries for those employees that do hold them. Graduate-level degrees in CS are all but required of anyone working in research, education or high-level development.

If you have long-term dreams of working in technology, it’s a great time to consider returning to school. Get started today!